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Cantilever Driveway Gates

The Amazing Gates of Canada wrought iron Cantilever driveway gate system has been designed with safety and easy installation in mind. In order to protect from the potentially dangerous issue of a moving gate rolling past stationary pinch roller posts our Amazing Slider Guide posts stand 18 inches back from the driveway gate.

For easy installation all gate mounting hardware is fully adjustable. This wrought iron cantilever gate system was designed to be easy to install for professional contractors and DIY homeowners. All Cantilever gates are Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel and finished with a baked-on powder coat. Sliding cantilever gates are suspended over the gate opening by a set of 4 high quality sealed bearing cantilever rollers mounted to two 4" round posts. A cantilever gate is easier to install than a ground track slider gate and is good for snow country because there is no track across the drive. The back-frame on these gates is 60% to 70% of the opening width so they require more side room than a ground track installation.

Standard Cantilever System Requires:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Slide Gate (one style)
  • Non-reach-through wire mesh
  • Four UHMW sealed bearing rollers
  • Slide gate operator from Amazing Gates
  • Two 4" round cantilever posts (HDG)
  • Please allow 12-14 weeks for Delivery

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