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Customer feedback is a huge part of any business. They help new customers gain trust in doing business with us and the feedback we receive from past customers is used to help us continually improve how we do business. So please take the time to view what some of our customers have to say about us. If we have already had the pleasure of doing business with you, PLEASE take the time to fill out our review form and share your feedback!

  • "Several weeks ago the Maritimes received the tail end of Hurricane Dorian after it had laid waste to the Northern Bahamas. It arrived with lots of wind and rain and flattened any tree over 10' tall. Wind gusts of over 140 KPH were measured on the Confederation Bridge to PEI! As we have constructed many summer residences along the New Brunswick coast in the bridge area I thought I would share with you that one of these properties has an eight-year-old double swing driveway gate that was supplied by Amazing Gates. The gate took the full impact of a rather large spruce tree falling over it with the only damage sustained being the top finials where it impacted! This tree stayed across the gate for the duration of the storm until it was cut and removed in the following days. The gate itself appears to be in great condition! Could you please ship us out several gate top finials so we can complete our repairs to this Amazing gate? (Pun intended!) Thanks!"

    Drew Fraser, President of Can-Tech Construction Lt

  • "The gate etc. arrived in great shape and with zero issues. I installed the gate and controls myself (with help from my wife and son) and it took a little longer than expected to say ‘yes I’m finished’. We have the MyQ working and an extra antenna about 500 feet closer to the house. The condensed story is that I am totally pleased with everything and all is working well for more than a year now. Thank you again and I would recommend your system to anyone….. It has been a pleasure.Thank you again for your timeliness and professional business practices. Best Regards, Jack Moerman …..  "

    Jack Moerman

  • "Amazing Gates of Canada I wanted to extend a thank you to you for organizing SSI to install. They have been nothing but professional. They went the extra mile to fix some of the electrical issues in the garage so that everything would sync up to the app like you had spoken about. In addition, they sourced a solution to ensure my dog doesn’t crawl under the gate as they had to leave a significant space to account for the gradient in the driveway. Most recently, the gate opening mechanism has proven to be defective. However; Mike, has been incredibly responsive, and diligent in trying to get everything resolved. He is definitely someone I would recommend for other Amazing Gate installs given his integrity to a job well done. Thanks again, Sincerely Simone Friedman "

    Simone Friedman

  • "Huge thanks to Geoff and the team at Amazing Gates. As a contractor, finding reliable, honest and fair suppliers to work with is a challenge. Geoff and the team were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful every step of the way. From my original questions before the quote, right through the install process. I HIGHLY recommend these gates/fences. "

    Cody Hannah

  • "Geoff was great to deal with. I only needed a replacement part, but he was extremely helpful. We have had our Amazing Gates for the past 7 years and couldn't be happier. "

    Mark P

  • "Thank you for your fast turnaround time on our gate installation. Your fast response to subsequently replace the transformer was also impressive. We love our gates. Just installed the post lights and we thought you might like to see the results. We didn't feel that gluing the caps on would be sufficient, so we bolted brackets inside the posts which the caps screw into. Our only suggestion would be to increase the height of the skirt on the flat post caps to 1/2 inch so it could be screwed directly into the post. The current 1/4 inch skirt does not allow one to do this. "

    Julie Wilkin

  • "Extending thanks to Mike and the staff at Amazing Gates of Canada. Amazing job that combined professionalism with quality. Anyone who is thinking of buying a gate to add to their establishment



  • "From a happy customer, and the neighbors love it too. "


  • "Wow, your gate is perfection! Thanks for your professional attitude toward our order, I will not forget it. A few people have already stopped by and asked us where we purchased the gate. Thank you for your recommendations, I have nothing but rave reviews for your company! "


  • "The install went great today. Joe and Thomson are very efficient. They were a pleasure to work with. Thank you for this successful project! "

    Karen Medeiros

  • "Incredible gates and fences."

    Jim Lowe

  • "Professional, reliable and simply excellent work overall. We were very impressed with the quality as well. This is a company I would highly recommend. Thank you Amazing Gates of Canada."

    Simon Wolle

  • "I would like to thank your company for creating such a great product. From design to installation, everything was perfect. I installed my gate and all of its electronics last week. It took me a day longer than expected but that is usually the case anyway. Everything was delivered successfully and in excellent shape. After watching your online video and following your step by step instructions I was able to install the gate with no problems at all. With the exception of requiring help to set the poles and lift the gate, I did this project almost entirely by my self. My only advice to future buyers is to read the instruction fully! I was truly amazed at how everything fit together so well and how truly easy it was to install my gate. I did have my doubts as to whether or not I could do it but as I stand back and look at the gate and watch it work perfectly, I wonder why I had any doubts at all. Thanks guys!!! (And to think I almost bought locally. Ha!)"


  • "We are very pleased with it and it looks amazing"

    Sand Castle Winery

  • "I have been very impressed with the reliability of the solar/battery powered gate."

    Michael Shawn

  • "It has been about a year since I purchased the gates from you, but I wanted to wait until the house was complete before I sent you any pictures. I could not be happier with the style, quality, finish and look of the Amazing Gates. Although I did not install them myself, the professional who did was equally impressed with the quality. I have received many comments about the gates and how they look that my neighbor is thinking about installing a set of gates also. Your sales associate could not have been more helpful with my dozen of questions about the proper size, opener, and call box. Thank you for adding value and security to my home. If I or anyone else every inquires about purchasing a gate, I WILL LET THEM KNOW, AMAZING GATES OF CANADA IS THE WAY TO GO!"


  • "Attached are photos of the Amazing Gate that we just installed. Our gate (16 foot Concord bi-parting) was a breeze to install. In fact the hardest part was getting the holes deep enough to set the gate posts. We live in the Muskoka's so we have abundant granite rock just inches under the soil's surface. The openers were very easy to install and we are very happy with our entire purchase. The solar option was simple to install as well and with the large control box that was recommended, we had room to install a deep cycle marine battery to operate our gates year round."


  • "You certainly selected an appropriate name for your business as your gates are truly amazing. From the ordering process, to delivery, to installation this was really an amazingly easy and supportive process. I was very skeptical about ordering automatic gates from an online business, but I was impressed with your web site and decided to give it a try. Your sales representative was very helpful with the ordering process and provided me with an order sheet to review my order before it was placed to be sure everything was correct. The delivery company was incredibly organized with the driver contacting me on the morning of the scheduled delivery to confirm the time of delivery. He also provided a follow-up call the same day to inform me of his progress and verify the delivery time. Even though he was not expected to help unload, he very helpful with the unloading process. With the gates unloaded I opened the materials for inspection and was very impressed with the quality of the gates, openers, and the completeness of the order. With my driveway going up hill to the house and not level from side to side I was concerned about the ease of installation. However, with your helpful on-line videos the installation could not have been any easier. I believe that almost anyone following your video instructions would have no difficulty installing your gates. Your posts with the guiding dots for height and your Amazing hinge brackets make the process incredibly easy to complete. Thank you for your amazing product and support."

    Don Hughes

  • "Just wanted to let you know that I finally have the gate and opener up and running. I have attached a few photos. Thanks again, I am very happy with the gate and was able to install it myself (with a little help from Roberta)"

    Terry Cochran

  • "I would like start out by saying that our experience has been "great". Everyone that we have worked with has been very professional and all are very knowledgeable about your product...in short everyone is great to work with. If everyone that has a business treated their customers like Amazing Gates it would be a better market place. We are still awaiting the stone masons to come and finish our gate columns so our gate is still under construction but I wanted to get the photos to you as we discussed. Thank you very much for everything that you and your staff have done for us. "

    William Huffman

  • "The gate looks great! Customer service is also fantastic."


  • "The new gate fits perfectly in the spot! I'm a female and did all the work myself with the exception of having the lady next door help me mount the gate. The instructions were easy to follow."

    Chris Leggett

  • "Thank you so much for helping me to get our gates up and running. Here they are (see the attachment pictures). From the beginning, my wife said NO, that I could not do it (due to my polio on both of my legs). But, having reading the manual and see the video from the Amazing Gates website, there is nothing to it. It's truly amazing DIY gate. There are really not complications on how to put it up. I figure if you can read the manual, then you can do it with a little help from you guys. Bottom line, If I can do it, then anybody can do it too. You guys are great. I'm so happy about your products. Thank you for saving me thousand of dollars."

    Peter Le

  • "Greg came out in a snow storm to measure my gates and fencing, the quote was detailed with a drawing and gave me several options of styles of fencing. Later Geoff called me and booked the job, Joe was amazing on installing the gates, fencing and programming the remotes. Now I know why the Company is called Amazing Gates. Great customer service "

    M. Graves

  • "I can't tell you how impressed I have been with the entire process. From the design stage, to delivery to the support on the phone. What a smooth well calculated process. And for the packaging and shipping you should call your shipping department the Amazing shippers. Wow were we impressed. As for the install, well, for a do-it-yourselfer like I am it was as easy as 123."


  • "Amazing Gates...Installed! The shared facilities committee of a large condominium complex in Richmond Hill, Ontario was looking for sliding barrier gates that would suit their lofty expectations and match the existing fence line of the property. Amazing Gates of Canada was asked to come to the site on short notice and conduct a presentation for the shared facilities committee and they obliged. They were professional right from the start and were very attentive to the needs and wants of the committee members. After leaving the meeting it was very easy to recommend them for the supply and installation of the product. When the gates arrived at the site it was packed, not only with thick polythene, but with thick padding at the corners and edges so it arrived in perfect condition. We are extremely pleased with the gates. Everyone comments on how well made and how great they look. The craftsmanship is absolutely first class and we would recommend this company to anyone. Their ownership and staff were very helpful with a strong commitment to customer service. In a word, Amazing Gates of Canada were...fabulous. "

    Dynasty DRC

  • "To all at Amazing Gates: Who can I write to, to share my very positive experience with Amazing Gates of Canada? I am so glad I did this. You guys are real pros, and have really lived up to everything you have said. And you have saved us close to 80% of what it would have cost us had we hired someone locally to install this electric gate. But your customer service, and quick, helpful, knowledgeable and effective feedback, has made all the difference. Thank You!"

    Paul Z.

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