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How To Select A Gate

Gate Style

Select your gate style. Choose from our driveway gates.

Size of Opening

Determine the opening width. Our in-stock gates come in 4 sizes: 12, 14, 16, and 18 feet. The sizes are "in the clear" dimensions between gate posts and are not the actual gate panel size. (Please check the gate spec drawings for exact gate dimensions - available on the individual driveway gate style pages.) If you need a specific size not shown in our standard sizes, we can create that size for you as Custom Gates. Call us for more information: 1-855-484-2837

Swing Type

In most cases a swinging gate (as opposed to sliding), swinging on hinge posts away from incoming traffic and into the property is best. If your driveway slopes up too steeply you'll need to have a gate that swings away from the property and toward incoming traffic. A bi-parting gate is best for a sloped driveway whether it swings in or out. Note that our 12 ft gate is a single swing while the 14, 16, and 18 ft gates are bi-parting.

Curving vs. Straight Driveway

If the approach to your entry is a straight shot you can use a smaller gate such as a 12' single if it clears your driveway; if the approach is at an angle or if it curves sharply, consider using a wider bi-parting gate.

Hanging the Gates

Our driveway gates are designed to be "stand alone" and hang on their own set of gate posts. If you have a masonry pillar it is, in most cases, best to set our posts just behind the pillar. A gate can be ordered without posts if you want it to hang from your pillar but in that event you'll need an articulated arm gate operator instead of the less expensive and easier to install linear actuator type gate operator. Call us 1-855-484-2837 if you have questions about this situation.

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